Sunny Outdoor Wedding Shoot

Homegrown Flower Backdrop

Here Marie is relaxing prior to a mesmerizing outdoor back garden wedding.

Whether she is entertaining at weddings, receptions, private parties, corporate events, wine tastings, or retirement communities - Marie has a passion for adding ambiance and elegance through music.

For less formal engagements, she provides edutainment that sparks curiousity, interest, and memories.

As a classically-trained musician, she works alongside her clients to make certain that she finds the perfect music for the occasion.

Some of her favorite client/audience comments include:

"Your music made my daughter's wedding the perfect occasion."

"I never heard the flute outside of a symphony. Thanks for sharing your talent!"

"I love the background you give about the flute, composers, music piece, and culture. Thanks!"

"Your singalongs are more fun than sex!" (Heard at a retirement community. :) )

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