There Is Still Hope

Hi everyone. After entertaining solo for so long, I have been accustomed to having adults approach me and ask what instrument I am playing. here is why I believe there is still hope….

When I mention it is the flute, I used to be so amazed. Amazed at how someone of advanced years cannot be familiar with an instrument that I have been playing for years. I just took it for granted that everyone knew what a flute was. Now, it doesn’t surprise or amaze me when asked that question.

The other day I was outside practicing on a beautiful, sunny day. Suddenly, I hear a tricycle-riding boy yell to his mom…”Mom! I hear a flute!” “Yes, you do,” she answered.

With that, I lifted my flute and waved to them.

“There she is up there!” his mom exclaimed while waving back.

That simple conversation and acknowledgement was all I needed to be reassured that some of the younger generations are being taught musical culture. My heart rejoices!

Kudos to any parent or adult figure who helps youngsters appreciate music. It will last a lifetime.

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